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When you travel to Cuba for the first time (and this is valid for any country), you should know in which hotel you would go and why. Sure, a travel agency can help you with some leaflet, but nothing worth better than a true guide, accompanied with text and images and free of pure marketing statements that you're tired to see. The goal of the following pages is to guide you through the various hotels in Cuba. A complete description cannot be limited only to room facilities, but also to any other hotel related attraction, such as the place, the hotel category, the price (very important this one), the choice, the services, the gastronomics, the sports offered, the geographic position, the hotel goal, and, last but not least, any other feature that can make the difference between an interesting hotel for some people and another one, interesting for some others. Furthermore, we will also describe the distinct Cuba provinces where you'll find these hotels. But, these page go one step further: in addition to give a complete guide to hotels in Cuba, you can book any hotel, with better prices than outcoming travel agencies could ever offer. On the other hand, you can see it yourself. Another advantage we can offer you with respect to travel agencies in your country is certainly our personal support directly in Cuba, 24 hours and 7 days available. Your satisfaction is our leading goal and we wish you'll continue vacationing in Cuba with our travel agency, so you can discover the stunners of the Great Island of Cuba.


In Cuba, booking policies are not the same than car rental policies. All the hotels must be prepaid, by Cuban government imposition. We are sorry about any inconvenience, but in Cuba there is no other alternative in respect to hotel booking: without prepaying, there is no booking. You can book an hotel directly with us, by sending a wire transfer. The amount will be charged only after checking the availability of the hotel and only after sending the voucher to the client. You could also used e-wallet payment systems for small and urgent payments, you will receive the appropriate instructions if the case arises. For more information, see our terms and conditions.

Now you can get the best health insurance whith us:

3.50 euros by person per day from USA.

3.00 euros by person under 70 years per day from Europe.

5.50 euros by person older than 70 years per day from Europe.

Includes all types of medical care including Covid cases (PCR costs, isolation, etc.)



Other Hotels' Features in Cuba

With respect of others latin american regions, hotel prices in Cuba can be something higher, still more affordable than some tourist regions like Cancún or Miami. Furthermore, the majority of hotels in Cuba are big buildings, very organized with respect of tourist programs, transfers, car rental agencies, excursions and any other facility or security measure. All the hotel rooms have climatized air, private bathroom and several others classic hotel services. All the hotels we introduce here are divided in tourist zones of Cuba, with a great choice for all the customers and tastes.

If you wish an hotel in the city, in the suburb, in the historical center (of all important cities of Cuba), in the beach, in the country, in the hill with sea or city view, or even in the mountain, we have all these choices for you.

The hotels choices in Cuba are very varied and sometimes, depending on the chosen places or the travel goal, you will have the feeling to be in a parallel, unreal world!


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