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Behind its 4-meter (or so) carved wooden doors, Hotel Florida is a world apart. A graceful Art Deco sculpture in the entrance hall welcomes visitors, while the courtyard beyond was once the hub of domestic activities for the count and his family.

Calle Obispo esq. a Cuba. Ciudad de La Habana

30Km 25 Rooms 110V/220V

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Bar Restaurant Tourist bureau Laundry Internet

In 1885 the aristocratic residence was turned into a hotel and afterwards into a British club.

Following a complete renovation, the building re-opened as a hotel in 1999. The marble-floored foyer epitomizes tropical tranquil with comfortable wicker furniture set among lush plants, arches and columns. The restaurant and bar boast a classic design channeling the elegance of the Ritz. Enrique de maître guarantees knowledge, professionalism and personal service of the highest standard.

Part of the magic of the Hotel Florida begins where the patio ends: in a corridor connecting it to the adjacent Hotel Marques de Prado Ameno, built more than a century earlier. This shortcut is like a time machine where you’re transported to another era – a veritable Alice in Wonderland experience. Guests are free to use services (such as breakfast) in both accommodations.

The sales manager recently showed us the hotel with heartwarming enthusiasm. She started in Hotel Florida as a chambermaid before graduating to main housekeeping, while studying psychology at night school for six years.


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