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The terrestrial routes that make up the Ruta de Colón are presented chronologically, according to the order in which they were passed and attached to the description presented by Christopher Columbus, in his logbook during his first trip along the coast of Cuba in 1492.



First day

  • Arrival of the clients to the city of Holguín and transfer to the selected hotel.
  • Welcome cocktail and information meeting about the Colombian route.
  • Accommodation and dinner.


Second day

  • Road to the river and port of San Salvador
  • Departure from the hotel on the tourist train to the Parque Cristóbal Colón, boarding a boat in the Bay of Vita.
  • Navigation through this natural landscape and disembarkation in the Bariay National Monument Park.
  • Reception and transfer by car to the archaeological site Cayo Bariay.
  • Lunch at the Colombus restaurant.
  • Transfer to the Encuentro de las Dos Culturas Monument and visit to the Spanish fort.
  • Tour in the tourist train until the Juan Cantares cruise to board La Mambisa steam locomotive for the settlement of Santa Lucia.
  • Visit and sociocultural contact with the community.
  • Return to the hotel.


Third day

  • Road to the river and port of Mares
  • Transfer by jeep from the hotel to the Cerros Cársicos de Maniabón Protected Area.
  • The Los Tibes Valley passes through rural roads.
  • Visit to the natural viewpoint of Cerro de Yabazón.
  • Traveling through the interior of this rural area, you will arrive at the Santa María farm to board the boats on the Cacoyugüin river.
  • Fluvial route and disembarkation in the dock of the Bay of Gibara.
  • At lunch, tasting of traditional dishes from the culinary culture of Gijón.
  • City tour.
  • Return to the hotel.


Fourth day

  • Road to the river del Sol
  • Departure from the hotel in the tourist train to the hill of Yagüajay, elevation belonging to the Cerros Cársicos de Maniabón Protected Area.
  • Tour of the La Grieta path.
  • From the Bello Horizonte viewpoint, the geography described in the navigation log of the Grand Admiral Christopher Columbus is interpreted.
  • Horseback riding to the museum of the archaeological site Chorro de Maíta.
  • Lunch in the Taino Village.
  • Route to the Finca El Frutal. Tasting of seasonal tropical fruits, sociocultural contact with the community and peasant life.
  • Return to the hotel.


Fifth day

  • Road to Babeque
  • Transfer from the hotel in search of the Levante del Oriente Cuba to the Center of
  • Visitors to the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park in Bahía de Taco, Baracoa.
  • During the tour interpretive stops of the landscapes described in the navigation log of the Grand Admiral Christopher Columbus will be made.
  • Welcome and tasting of a cocktail based on seasonal tropical fruits and local drink in the park.
  • Boardwalk by the bay.
  • Lunch at Rancho Toa.
  • Accommodation at selected hotels in Baracoa (Castillo, Porto Santo, Rio Miel, La Rusa,
  • Hostal La Habanera, Hostal 1511 and private rental houses)

Sixth day

  • Passage through Porto Santo
  • Exit of the hotels.
  • Visit in the city of Baracoa to the Matachín Museum and sculptural monument to the Grand Admiral Cristóbal Colón.
  • Visit to the Cruz de Parra, in the church of the city, the only existing cross of the twenty-nine planted by Columbus in the new world.
  • Observation from the Castillo hotel of the geographical elements described by
  • Colón: Yunque de Baracoa, its bay, river and Bahía de Miel.
  • Transfer to the Yumurí Tourist Park. Fluvial route by the river.
  • Lunch and sociocultural contact with the community.
  • Return to hotels.

Seventh day

  • From the city prized to the Hero City of Santiago de Cuba
  • In the morning transfer to the city of Santiago de Cuba. Transit through the Viaduct of the Streetlight.
  • Lunch at the Mirador La Gobernadora, Guantánamo.
  • Arrival in the city of Santiago de Cuba.
  • Return of the group to its destination of origin.



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