Upcoming events in Cuba


VI International Nature Photography Contest

September 11 - 16


Concurso Internacional Fotografía

The Sixth Nature Photography Contest to be developed in the Protected Landscape Topes de Collantes, in the very heart of Guamuhaya mountain range, 20 km away from Trinidad city, World Heritage. Topes de Collantes has a very rugged area of more than 20 000 ha covering Villa Clara, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus provinces with elevations between 250 and 900 m high above the sea level. This protected area stands out by its rich and exclusive biodiversity; it has a beautiful landscape formed by exuberant forests, rivers and streams with fanciful waterfalls and natural ponds that able to satisfy the most demanding ecotourist.


Habanarte Festival, "the meeting of the arts in Cuba"

September 8 - 18


IMASUBHabanarte is a Cuban cultural event organized by the Ministry of Culture that promotes the meeting in the capital of thousands of artists of all manifestations, genres and styles, so that, simultaneously, their works are presented, showing the most relevant results of the artistic avant-garde Of Cuba in various stages of Havana.

Jazz Plaza 2018, International Jazz Festival

January 17 - 21


Concurso Internacional FotografíaWith the presence of prestigious figures has positioned itself as one of the most important contests of Latin Jazz or Cuban Jazz in the world. Relevant personalities, cultists of the genre, show off their virtuosity, talent and improvisation. There will be concerts with Cuban musicians and guests, presentations of bands, ensembles and soloists. In addition, discussions and discussions will be held on the history and interpretation of Cuban and international jazz.



Festival of Theater of Havana, from the 20 to the 27 of October. Once again, the curtains of Havana's theatrical performance are opened to host the Havana Theater Festival, which consolidates as a confluence of all the trends of the contemporary scene. A selection of the most important Cuban and international theater scene will be presented, with workshops, seminars and conferences given by prestigious specialists, where the dialogue between theater, critics and public will be the main feature of the activity.


XXIII Festival of Ibero-American Culture, from October 24 to 30, in Holguin. This event reaffirms the rescue and promotion of the roots and Hispanic background of the Cuban nation. The streets and parks of Holguín serve as stage during the days of the event, for the development of an extensive program of concerts, exhibitions, workshops and popular festivals, with the presence of important soloists, creators, groupings of the patio and guests from all over Latin America. The themes of this edition will be: Cuban thinking, regional cultures, environment and sustainable development, gender approach, promotion and cultural policy.

XII World Meeting of Dancers and Dance Academies of Casino and SalsaBaila in Cuba, is the most awaited event by casino lovers and salsa around the world. Organized also by Paradiso Artex, will be held in Havana from November 19 to 25 and will consist of a comprehensive program, composed of dance classes from different genres of Cuban music, as well as night concerts with prestigious orchestras and casino.


XII Edition of the Festival to the Guantanamera, from the 1 to the 4 of December, in Guantánamo. It is the most comprehensive cultural event of the province, composed of scientific and theoretical activities, organized by cultural institutions. During the festival there are many activities designed to show the richness of the local cultural diversity, its actions of protection, preservation and promotion as values ​​of the locality and of the nation.

FIART 2017 International Craft Fair, from the 1st to the 17th of December, at the PABEXPO fairgrounds. Encounter that offers multiple spaces for the promotion and commercialization of the works of Cuban artisans and artists and other countries, mainly Latin American, as well as the exchange of experiences between creators and the public. Expoventas, collateral exhibitions, fashion shows, workshops, and theoretical meetings on the development and market of Visual Arts and Crafts will be among the options that will encourage the days of the fair.


XXXIX International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, from December 1 to 11, in Havana. Considered as one of the most prestigious film festivals in Latin America, it will exhibit a wide panorama of the continent's audiovisual production, together with the main world cinematographies of fiction and documentaries. It includes various competitions such as the New Latin American Cinema, the script and the poster, as well as exhibitions of film posters, seminars on film and new technologies, book presentations and music concerts for film. Festival Jazz Plaza 2017.


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