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General facts about car rental in Cuba

Although many hotels provide car rental's services, it's still preferable to rent a car through an agency. As a matter of fact, our travel agency in Cuba offers car rental at package prices; that is, when you rent a car you will very likely pay less if compared to what you would pay if you go straight to an official renting agency.

About the car rental we have high competitive prices and the best reservation services in all provinces of Cuba. Furthermore, after years of collaboration and good businesses, we are a reliable travel agency and we provide benefits with special and privileged tariffs.

And that is not all, by renting a car through our travel agency in Cuba, you will have a special assistance, both personalized and complete on our side, apart from the support provided by renting agencies themselves. In case of any problem, you can call us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.




 2 and 3 Spanish speaking driver and his car 160 USD / Day
 2 and 3 Driver and French speaking guide and his car 240 USD / Day
 4 to 6 French speaking driver and guide and his Minivan 270 USD / Day
 7 to 9 Driver and guide francophone and his minivan 300 USD / Day
Spanish speaking driver service driving rental car 75 USD / Day
French speaking driver service driving rental car 75 USD / Day




AGENCY RENTED CAR 04/01/2018 - 30/06/2018 01/07/2018 - 31/08/2018 01/09/2018 - 31/10/2018 01/11/2018 - 03/01/2018 DAILY INSURANCE
 REX Standard category model, manual, MG 5  85 USD  87 USD  70 USD  87 USD   20 USD
 REX Model category standard, automatic, MG 5  92 USD  95 USD  89 USD  95 USD  20 USD
 REX High standard model, manual, MG 6  88 USD  95 USD  78 USD  95 USD  20 USD
 REX High standard model, automatic, MG 6  97 USD  102 USD  97 USD  102 USD  20 USD
 VIA Economic model, manual, GEELY CK  65 USD  69 USD  50 USD  69 USD  10 USD


Deposit of guarantee: 200 USD refundable
Additional driver 10-30 USD



MG 5 MG 6 Geely CK





Main tips and conditions set by car rentals


  • Read carefully all the points of the contract of your car rental.
  • Request the checking of your car and its accesories both when getting the car and when returning it.
  • Do not give the key of the car to any other person, except hotel valets.
  • Car use by unauthorized persons on the renting contract is not allowed.
  • Do not drive the car under alcol effects. This costitutes a violation of Cuba laws and represent heavy consequences in case of accidents. Protect your and other people's life.
  • It's reccomended not to drive at night and be cautious particularly in rural areas, where, apart of the road's darkness, you could find loose animals in the middle of the road.
  • Take care of yourself and cyclists on the road. In Cuba there are plenty of them.
  • Keep the car parked in a safe and iluminated place.
  • Do not leave valuable objects inside the car.
  • Buy the necessary fuel only at authorized gas stations (CUPET and ORO NEGRO).
  • Do not exceed the passengers quantity allowed by the car capacity.
  • Do not drive if you are sleepy.
  • Using the safety belt is mandatory in Cuba for all those sitting in the front seats.


Additional comments

All daily prices are expressed in USD.
Any other price is expressed in CUC.


  • A maximum of two additional drivers is permitted.
  • The initial deposit is not included in the renting price and they vary according to car category.
  • The guarantee deposit will be refunded upon returning the vehicle. If within this time the car suffers damages that are not covered by the insurance, the payment for them will be deduced from the initial deposit, according to the vehicle's price list. Notice anyway that since June 4 2008, the insurance cover all damages (except pneus and car radio), regardless of driver responsability.
  • The car insurance (which corresponds to a daily sum normally added to the price) covers all the possible damages except the pneus and the car radio. In case of accident or other damages, you must notify it to the police (by dialing 106).
  • Most of these notes are directly applied according to Cubacar renting policy. If you rent a fancy car from another agency, for example, REX, the policy may be slightly different, for example, the insurance may not cover damages if you are responsible of them. In case of doubt ask our agents or REX agents.


Chart of prices and availability of cars

Here's some charts with all the models and all currently available prices.If the requested car is not included on the list, you can always ask us for it by email, and we could find out about the availability of the car you want.


If you wish to hire the car at Havana airport or outside Havana City, you should pay ONLINE with credit card VISA Verified and/or MASTERCARD Secure Code, just the value of the rent + 5% when the car be reserved and confirmed, any further payment should be done here in Cuba when you rent (pick up) the car. All daily prices are expressed in USD. Any other price is expressed in CUC.


In June, July, August and December the car availability may be low. All travel agencies in Cuba, both official and private, may suffer the same problem. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we suggest you to book cars quite in advance in these months. Furthermore, since June 4, 2008, the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba approuved a slight alteration of insurance conditions and prices. Among other things, all damages are now covered (except the pneumatics and the car radio), regardless of driver's responsabilities.

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